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Chris McQUEEN 2019-06-18T09:55:11+00:00

Chris McQueen

FOG# 175




Origin Games 6
Games as Captain
Years of Service 2013 (3) 2014 (3)
Field Goals
Favourite Position Utility
Age Started Playing Footy
First Club Kingaroy Red Ants
Age First Grade Debut
First Grade Debut Club Wynnum Manly Seagulls
Senior Clubs South Sydney Rabbitohs
Favourite Movie
Favourite Song/Singer/Group
Favourite Book
Favourite Food
Favourite Restaurant
Best Player You Ever Saw
Best Player You Ever Played With
Most Memorable Origin Game/Series
Most Forgettable Origin Game/Series
Best NSW Player You Played Against
Current Occupation
Any Current Involvement With Football
Favourite Stadium
Biggest Influence On Your Career