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Aidan GUERRA 2019-06-18T09:25:15+00:00

Aidan Guerra

FOG# 178




Origin Games 10
Games as Captain
Years of Service 2014 (3), 2015 (3) 2016 (3) 2017 (1)
Tries  2
Field Goals
Favourite Position
Age Started Playing Footy
First Club  Townsville Brothers
Age First Grade Debut
First Grade Debut Club
Senior Clubs
Favourite Movie
Favourite Song/Singer/Group
Favourite Book
Favourite Food
Favourite Restaurant
Best Player You Ever Saw
Best Player You Ever Played With
Most Memorable Origin Game/Series
Most Forgettable Origin Game/Series
Best NSW Player You Played Against
Current Occupation
Any Current Involvement With Football
Favourite Stadium
Biggest Influence On Your Career