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The Former Origin Greats (FOGS) is a non-profit organisation which was formed in 1997 by the late Richard “Tosser” Turner, and is committed to the encouragement of sport and charities throughout Queensland.

Our members are the elite group of players who have represented Queensland in State of Origin since its inception in 1980. Many of Queensland’s highest profile sportsmen are FOGS, including Allan Langer, Shane Webcke, Mal Meninga, Wally Lewis, Kevin Walters and Gorden Tallis.

Each year FOGS raises funds through a number of sources including the Annual Charity for a range of charities. Since its inception, FOGS has raised over $1,000,000 for charities including Mardi Jackson Foundation, Kim Walters Choices Program, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Hear and Say Centre, Cyclone Larry Appeal, Childhood Cancer Support, Ronald McDonald House.

FOGS are extremely grateful to our sponsors for their support, allowing us to conduct and expand our community activities.

Community Requests

Please understand that FOGS will not consider requests made through the website or via email.

All requests must be received in writing on company letterhead (where applicable) and addressed to:

Former Origin Greats
Locked Bag 3

Former Origin Greats receive close to a thousand requests each year from many worthy charities, schools, sporting organisations, individuals and other charitable and community groups.

Requests range from the donation of memorabilia, autographs and merchandise, to player appearances and other items for the purposes of fundraising, gifts or by means of encouragement.

FOGS are committed to the growth of rugby league and assisting charities and community organisations throughout Queensland. Unfortunately, FOGS cannot assist every person or group with their requests.

Due to the large number of requests for autographs the FOGS receive, we are unable to accept merchandise to be signed on your behalf.

In order to assist FOGS in considering requests, the following information is required with applications:

  • Applications must be made in writing
  • Applications must be on company letterhead and contain a letter of authority where applicable

FOGS endeavour to respond to all requests, in writing, within two working weeks of receipt.

In most cases, donations are not made repeatedly to the same charities, organisations or individuals in an attempt to assist as many worthy causes in the community as possible.

FOGS have strong relationships with many large charitable organisations, and as such, will often find it difficult to donate to satellite organisations raising funds on behalf of a major charity. However, each request will be looked at on a “case by case” basis.