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ARTIE Launched on Sunshine Coast

ARTIE Launched on Sunshine Coast

ARTIE Ambassador Steve Price recently launched a the ARTIE Program at Kawana Waters State College, the first Sunshine Coast school to offer the program.

Price spoke to the The Sunshine Coast Dailyabout his involvement with the program.

Price, who retired from professional football this year, said he wanted to help teachers and parents pass on valuable messages.

“I want the kids to hear it from a different voice and someone who’s visible,” he said.

“It’s not someone they hear every day. Not someone they necessarily idolise, but someone they look at as having some success in their own life.

“I think it’s a great idea and I’m really excited to be a part of it. If I can be a positive contributor I want to help.”

Price said he wanted to help indigenous students make the right decisions early in life.

“I had a lot of indigenous mates who did well and a lot that didn’t,” he said. “The ones that didn’t had plenty of excuses and the ones that did, did because they wanted to. I see this as an opportunity to try to reduce the amount of excuses the indigenous kids have.

“If we can do that hopefully it can help what people want to achieve higher.”

Price said the most challenging part of the program would be getting students’ trust.

“If you can get a couple of kids listening I think you’ve won the battle,” he said.

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